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Whether you are looking for some temporary support to overcome your issues or you need clinical help to deal with longer term mental health conditions, today is still the best day to get started.

Answer a few simple questions and we will present you with a short list to pick from. We have an extensive list of Therapists that specialize in a wide range of mental health issues.

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This is a public domain directory of Mental health professionals in India. Is being referred to by patients/clients/relatives to search for and connect with Professionals such as yourself of their choice. You can mask your contact details such as phone numbers if needed while creating your profile in this directory but that would seriously impact patients/clients/relatives’s ability to contact you. Use the masking feature only of if it is essential
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About Us

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This free directory software is developed, maintained and supported by the makers of the most complete practice management software for mental health.

Founded in 2008, Therasoft® has been dedicated to supporting the mental health community with the best technology innovations combined with years of experience running a network of mental health clinics.

Now we are determined to help individuals find the right therapist easily with our extensive experience in the industry.

The online directory helps keep your searches private and our initial questionnaire helps with the matching. Once you find a therapist you like, we take one additional step to ensure a good fit right from the start.

We have you complete a short intake questionnaire which we present to the therapist to ensure the therapist feels the same about the match.

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